The Big Virtual
Top Secret Career Fair
October 24th, 2017
11am - 2pm EST
Where United States top secret clearance citizens meet online with employers needing to fill top secret level jobs
About the Event
Find your dream job...
The Big Virtual - Top Secret Career Fair brings employers together with professionals holding a Top Secret security clearance that is active, current (past 24 months), and interim. Leading companies with opportunities in telecom, cyber security, intelligence, homeland security, government, aerospace, and more would like to connect to see if there is a fit between their staffing needs and your skills and experience. More specifically, attending employers are interested in the following types of top secret clearance:
Top Secret/SCI
Top Secret/SCI
with Full-scope Polygraph
Top Secret/SCI
with CI Polygraph
Top Secret/SSBI
Top Secret/EBI
Top Secret
To participate in the event, all you need is the browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone - no special app downloads are necessary. Conversations with company representatives are performed via an intuitive and familiar text chat interface. Take control of a better future and register now!
How it Works
Register for the virtual event by pressing the Register button above and filling out the simple form
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Read the Prepare notes below on this page
Search Employers
Investigate attending employers
Determine the employers of interest and be ready to speak to them with your questions
Attend Event
Sign into the event
Locate your favorite employers and get in the conversation queues to speak with the reps
Participate in live presentations and chat sessions with representatives
Interested employers will contact you for the first stage interview which may be conducted over the phone, video chat, or face-to-face
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Prepare for the Event
Follow these steps to get the most out of your event experience
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Register for the Event
When: right away...
Although eCareerFairs will remind you via email, be sure to enter the date and time information into your calendar and ensure that the scheduled time is blocked off so that you may attend. Registration takes about 1 minute and will:
Notify you of any pertinent news regarding the event
Notify you of recommended tasks to perform prior to the event
Alert you when the event is starting
Give you the ability to view all of the participating employers and research information they’ve posted to their booths
Allow you to attend the event, post your resume with employers you like, view live stream presentations from employers, and communicate with desired employer representatives
Allow you to take notes and rate employers and conversations
Allow attending employers to find and invite you to visit their booth during the fair
Research Attending Employers
When: Two weeks prior to the event...
This pre-event step will optimize your experience when the fair is underway.
Sign into your eCareerFairs account. Signing in from this page will direct you to The Big Virtual - Top Secret Career Fair lobby page which lists all participating employers.
Prior to the event, view a list of booths of each employer and review company information including the company profile, corporate video’s, HR documents, tests, and links to other relevant content for job seekers. In addition and very important, you can review the jobs available for each company.
Once armed with this information, you can determine the companies and jobs most relevant to you and decide which companies you want to engage with during the event.
Be sure to jot down questions for each company of interest before the event starts. Doing so will make your experience more productive and expeditious.
Attend the Event!
When: on event day...
Be signed in early. Put on your energetic hat and be prepared to chat, chat, chat.
If you’re using a mobile device, to ensure privacy, be sure to use your headphone during the event.
Sign into the event lobby (from this page) a few minutes before the event starts. As soon as it starts, navigate straight to the employer booths you’ve chosen during your search. Have your questions ready.
From the booth, get in a representative queue right away. You’ll notice your place in the queue via the status bar. Be ready for a one-on-one conversation with the rep when your time starts. Once the conversation starts, the representative will be able to see your resume information.
You can get in as many representative queues as you wish, but you can only have one conversation at a time.
Many employers will have a live stream presentation underway when you enter their booth - you’ll see a live presenter answering general questions to a group (a one-to-many chat). You’ll be able to hear them, however, they cannot hear you, but can see and respond to your text chat posts. Feel free to participate in any of these live stream presentations and ask general, company specific questions via the available chat window.
When communicating with reps, make it a priority to set up a date and time for a future interview particularly if you're very interested in the company.
Be sure to visit as many employer booths as you can beyond your favorites. Submit your resume to each. You may discover a company you like, but didn’t expect.
Digest the Event
When: post event...
Whew! What an experience. You're all done. Now:
Interested employer reps will contact you for the first stage interview which may be conducted over the phone, video chat, or face-to-face. Good luck!
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